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Spirit-Led Artwork

Last month, pastors Nick & Faye Nickelberry blessed us by holding us a "Prophetic Painting Event" at our Ministry Center. Until this event, I've never even heard of prophetic painting or prophetic art. What's that all about? Pastor Nick explained that prophetic art is Spirit-led art, meant to edify or encourage us. It might hold a message for the artist, or for someone else seeing the artwork. It might be for now, or a God-appointed time in the future. The message may be different for each person.

We sat down to blank canvases and a table of assorted paints and brushes. Now what? Some people got right to painting. Others of us stared at the blank slate before us (for me it was quite a while!) Pastor Terence shared that he was praying about what to paint on the drive over, so even though he arrived late, he finished his painting in no time at all. It was an amazing piece of artwork (Chiyomi didn't even know he could draw so well, and they've been married 25 years!). Many of us didn't know the whole picture but God gave us a color, or starting point and the rest as we went along.

It was a really fun experience as people painted, watched others painting, and even found humor in what was coming out. I kept hearing, "that looks like a coronavirus, a coronavirus!!" After we were done, we held up our artwork and after hearing what others saw or felt through our paintings, we shared our thoughts about what the Lord was telling us while were creating it. It was not always the same message, but was always encouraging, as Pastor Nick said it would be. Some people took home their art, while others felt moved to give it to another participant. Personally, I did not particularly like my painting, but someone else felt moved by it and thought it was great, so I was more than happy to bless them with it :D

All in all, it was a fun and encouraging experience. I hope you can take a couple of minutes to watch this awesome testimony video that Pastor Terence put together, and that you'll be able to join us when we do another prophetic painting event :)


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