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How Being Like a Cat Blesses God

The other night, I was relaxing on my bed, on my phone. I got up to use the bathroom and get a snack to eat, then went back to my room. Upon returning to my room, on the bed, in the spot that I was laying, now laid a dead cockroach…

I know, gross right?! Now, usually I’d have been grossed out and threw it out, however I read an article that said that cats, when they respect their owner, or see them as their master, they bring them their kills. I know that roach was not there before, so it had to be my cat who had brought it there exactly where I lay. After taking the roach out by the antenna, I thanked my cat for her wonderful gift, and without her seeing, threw it away.

I began to think, how much we as people, are like my cat, towards God. To my cat, this roach was her prize. It was something that she treasured and she brought it before me and “blessed” me with it. In the same way, can we as people, take all that we have, our “prizes” in life and bring it to the Lord; or even our worst, would we be a people that feel so free, and loved by our Heavenly Father that we may bring anything and everything to the Lord. Although it seems like absolutely nothing to God, or that it’s unimportant, it's not what we bring before Him that blesses Him, it's the act of bringing it before Him that blesses Him.

Thank you, Phoebe!


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