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Farewell Linnea + Science Experiment!

A wonderful Sunday yesterday at the park as we worshipped together and Pastor Tim shared a message about finding happiness through pursuing God. We had the opportunity to share one last service with Linnea, a member of our church family since the early days of Hope Chapel Mililani. Pastor Tim prayed over her and her two children as Linnea prepares to move to the mainland to live with her son.

Recently Pastor Tim visited Linnea at home and talked story with her about her time with our church, the importance of prayer to her, and advice for others. Linnea is passionate about science and teaching kids about it. She's excited that she will get to live with her grandchildren on the mainland and get to share science experiments with them whenever she wants.

Please enjoy this short video -- a conversation with Linnea and bonus science experiment at the end! Is Pastor Tim a good student?

Aloha Linnea and best wishes on the next chapter of your life. Enjoy life with your family & grandkids. Thank you for your friendship & thousands of prayers over our church and its people. You will be missed!


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