Committed to Growing your Faith in Christ


Senior Pastor

"I was born on a small farm outside a small village in Southern Minnesota.  Even though I grew up in a loving family who were regular church attenders, I only knew OF God – I never really KNEW God personally.  I graduated high school in 1974 and went off to college where I majored in partying and wild living.  By the grace of God I received a B.S. in Business and Marketing and landed a job with an advertising firm in Minneapolis.

Soon, I became discouraged with my job and the long, cold winters of the Midwest. In 1982 I sold everything I owned and moved to Hawaii to explore its pleasures. One day in 1984, while wandering down Ke'eaumoku Street, I walked into a little mom and pop store and saw a give-away magazine about born-again sinners.  I took it home and began to read.  I read stories about amazing conversion experiences and I decided to pray the “Sinner’s Prayer’ they had on the back.That night the Lord revealed himself to me in an explosive encounter.  The next day I woke up and realized that something radical had happened to me.  I was a changed man!

I was told about a new church, Hope Chapel Kaneohe, that was filled with young people and pastored by a young pastor so I checked it out and found my church home. The second Sunday I volunteered to assist in the Sunday School.  I found out that I liked to teach and I soon had my own class.  I then became an assistant Mini-church pastor, then a leader of my own study.  Within a year I was an assistant Singles Ministry Pastor, then I became the leader.  

In 1991 I was offered the position of assistant pastor of a fast growing church of young people on the other side of the island - a mysterious place called Mililani.  In 1998 the founding pastor was called to be a missionary in Japan and I was offered the position of Sr. Pastor in 1998.

God has blessed me in many ways ever since.  He brought my wonderful wife, Suki, into my life to be my partner and my helpmate.  Four of my greatest treasures on this earth are named Staci, Jamie, Tyler and Kylie.  Staci has blessed our lives with my grandsons Kayden and Ryder."


Associate Pastor

When Terence just graduated from the University of Hawaii with a BBA degree, his friend, Pastor Kelly Hilderbrand had asked him to help him plant a church.  A year into the church plant, Pastor Kelly mentioned to him saying, "Since you're already running all the ministries at church, you know you're my associate pastor, right?"  To which Terence replied, "I am?"  That began his journey as a pastor and after taking over a church, planting one, and assisting in others, Terence has found a home in his community of Mililani.

Terence's gift is to be a spark plug in the churches that God sends Him to and to stretch the boundaries of ministry as he and his family step out in faith.  Being married to a gal from Texas, Terence and Chiyomi have 3 children, two of which have been adopted.  He also works as a 6th grade teacher at Mililani Middle School.  On the weekends, he loves playing soccer and music. Terence and Chiyomi recently started a non-profit called "Better Together Hawaii," focused on supporting families connected to adoption and foster care. 

Matthew Simbre

Youth Director

From an early age I was exposed to the Gospel. My parents sent me to Hanalani from preschool to high school graduation. I learned a lot about the Bible, but it was only head knowledge at the time, not something I devoted my life to.


In my sophomore year of college, I decided to go on a mission trip to Detroit. It was the consistent asking of my Aunty Sheryl that caused me to go on this trip. But as I served and saw what God was doing through us I came to the realization that there is much more to life than what the world offers. I thought my purpose in life was to go to college, graduate, get a good job, raise a family, and all that American dream stuff. From this mission trip, I renewed my purpose and it was to serve God in any way I could.


Ever since then, my perspective on life has changed for the better. It's been a tough road since that mission trip, but God has proven himself faithful time and time again. I started out as a high school leader than ran a few games a month to now the Youth Director at Hope Chapel Mililani. It's amazing how God uses broken people for His glory. Praise God!